This page features an all cameo cast. Reader/superpatron Nathalie Hafner had a demon hunter named Aranea, so I thought that would intersect nicely with YukiAkuma’s demon. :)

To be fair to Tamatha here, waking up with your hair doing crazy things is totally something that might happen to a succubus. Puberty is a pretty wild time for them. Imagine being in her position, with no guidance, the day her glamor starts working. Like she’s walking around school doing the Beholder Glamor, where everyone sees what they most desire without her realizing it. But since it’s like the beginner’s version, she just gets a dozen different comments about “Oh, when did you dye/bleach/grow out/cut your hair?” and she’s all, “What is happening?”

Or she starts doing the “generic hot girl” glamor, and no one recognizes her, but she still gets invited to join the cheerleader squad. And she’s like, “Uh, okay, but I don’t know how to dance.” only to find out she’s naturally super good at it.

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