Happy day after Xmas everyone. Feel free to brag about your phat lootz, or at least the weirdest/most confusing thing you got or gave.

So Specs puts the Predator to shame with all her vision modes. She actually puts Batman’s Detective mode to shame as well. I’m sure she has some vision mode that looks like shitty movie monster vision or the Terminator, but she probably doesn’t use them all that much. It’s no wonder she’s in Arc-LIGHT.

Of course, if the first power she manifested when she was younger was the Zim Germ Vision one, she might have freaked out a little. Also walking around, being able to see into the UV spectrum and looking at everyone’s subdermal freckles might either make a person really fastidious about skin care, or make them just give up.

I’m not sure what exactly Specs is looking at there in her detective vision. I assume it’s a chemical, like the pheromones that Pixel is sniffing out. Pixel just lost the trail because she was too short to sniff out the trail going up the wall. She would have found it eventually.

Oh, and I should mention, for those of you who don’t recall from 371 pages ago, Specs is another Patreon funded cameo character.

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