Apparently Sydney’s control over the lighthook is real good, because writing stuff in cursive with it would be kind of difficult. I couldn’t even write “The Mighty Halo” all in one stroke cause I was trying to figure out how she’d cross the lower case T and stuff like that. Plus I’m kind of a sketchy drawer. I lift the pen a lot, so it was unnatural feeling to try and write it all out in one go.

More amazing than that maybe, is that someone Sydney’s age would even really know cursive. I guess she’s on the cusp, but do they even teach it in schools anymore? I’ve read in several places that most kids these days have no idea how to write it and can barely read it because they barely even hand write anything. All their homework and socializing is done on a screen.

Honestly, that stuff sounds like grouchy old “back in my day” comments from disgruntled Olds. I would think anyone should be able to read it. Sure, the uppercase G is weird looking but from context, most words should make sense. Writing it would be a bit harder I guess. I have to think about it when I do it… which I think I’ve done maybe six times in the last decade. Most of which was because I was drawing someone’s handwriting in the comic.

Aranea appears in dramatic shadow in two panels because I needed to make up a bit of time from travel and family time spent over the holidays. Also I thought it would look kind of cool.

I’ve updated the vote incentive. It’s the same picture of Max from last month but I did a little more work on it. I darkened her median skintone so I could make the highlights pop a bit more, also I fixed some weird stuff going on with her jacket. It’s getting there.


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