This is a weird page, because it’s mostly just showing Pixel and Specs bridging an alley. I thought it would be kind of neat to show that Arc-LIGHT has some field chops. It’s not really much of surprise though, considering many of their field agents could rotate out with Arc-SWAT.

Also, I like how Pixel is developing into someone who is aggravated with Sydney’s aloofness. Really she’s more annoyed with Maxima’s indulgence of Sydney’s quirks. Pixel doesn’t dislike Sydney, and she knows that Sydney’s only had like… oh, geeze, two weeks of training? One week? I’ve honestly lost track. It’s possible the next day we see in the comic will start with “several days later…”

Anyway, Pixel knows Sydney isn’t exactly an elite special forces op, and they weren’t even geared up for action tonight, but still, keeping your coms open shouldn’t be too hard to manage. Sydney’s coms are open, she’s just too busy drooling so she can’t reply. Hence the neon skywriting.

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