Yeah, the ‘ol crotch to the face gag. I’m personally surprised it took 800 pages to get to it honestly.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take a lady’s crotch to the face than one of those chunky boot heels.

So, yeah. Trying to blind the person with independently targeting phantom eye thingies wasn’t the best strategy, but it’s not like Aranea had a lot of time to devise a strategy here, or even assess what the floaty things are above Specs’s head. They actually kind of look like how they draw spirits in manga, like little curly cloud tadpole thingies, so really, if you didn’t see her looking at stuff with them, you could be forgiven for thinking they’re something else. Plus, it’d be fair to guess that she uses them like lenses or screens, and has to use her eyes to see through them.

That’s obviously not the case though. She can position them anywhere around her head, independent of each other. Specs also has some other skills, but I don’t think this fight will last long enough for her to show them off.

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