I joke in the stinger, but Pixel probably really should have identified herself as a federal agent. That could complicate things to some degree, depending on how The Veil handles Pixel’s appearance here. It’s one thing to make her look human to another human when she’s just standing there having a smoke. It’s another when she’s attacking a self proclaimed demon hunter with her laser claws.

Of course, Archon could easily claim that turning into a giant pink jaguar hybrid is Pixel’s superpower instead of admitting to anything supernatural, but they’ve been careful not to directly deny stuff they plan on talking about later.

Still, Pixel saw Sydney zonked on the ground, and got kind of mad. She’s not a fan of Sydney’s aloofness in the field, but she still likes her personally. Plus, she is kind of Maxima’s favorite fixer upper project as well as being Archon’s PR golden child. At least when she’s not sticking her foot in her mouth in front of a camera.

BTW if you couldn’t tell, Aranea is stronger than she looks.

Oh, and Sydney’s blue word bubble, that’s just explaining what’s she’s writing in cursive with the lighthook off panel.

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