Given Dabbler’s description of devils, you would think that succubi would actually be considered devils and not demons. It’s one of those distinctions that is usually more important to academics than it is to the Infernal populace, unless it’s some political leader looking to score points by stirring up racist nonsense or start a war.

You know, one of those totally justified wars, like, “Are we two horns going to let those one horns terk er jerbs? More horns! More jerbs!”

Dabbler is hugely simplifying this crash metaphysics primer. When she says there are “routes to tap it,” there’s a lot to dissect there. It’s like saying rubbing two iron bars together is a route to tap the electromagnetic force. It’s accurate, but obviously there’s a lot more to it. Especially when considering that magic is an integral ingredient of many races. Demons, devils and several other species and races are interwoven with Infernal magic. Angels and all their variants are the Celestials, Faye are the nature magic, etc.

I spent some time filling in the thaumic subdivisions there. I’m not sure I’m happy with “Void” and “Machine” so I reserve the right to sneakily retcon this at some point.

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