It may seem Dabbler is laying the blame for all demonic malfeasance at the feet of external sources, but she’s really just giving a bit of history here. Demons can be a rowdy lot at the best of times, but they’ve had long stretches of history where “the best of times” were nowhere to be found.

Demon history class covers these periods with “and then some bad times happened.” Well, it depends on what demon state you live in. Hmm. No, I feel like demons would have provinces instead of states. Provinces or unstable borders controlled by warlords. But like, warlords that are actually into a modicum of governing? Like, the average demon doesn’t really care who’s head is on the pike in front of the provincial capitol building as long as there’s electricity and decent schools. Oh an infrastructure. Demons don’t like their bridges collapsing, but then who does?

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