Before anyone says that Tamatha’s word bubble in panel 8 has a typo: YouTube

Dabbler really has been stringing poor Tamatha along, hasn’t she? The last 3 pages basically ended with the same gag.

It’s fair to say Dabbler is a moral relativist. She says it’s what we do that matters, and she’s killed thousands of people. (depending on how you define ‘people’) Like laid waste to a whole mess of entities Diablo style, and she’s had sex with… I don’t know, I’m sure the number is well into quadruple digits by now, maybe even quintuple. She is nearly 180 years old after all.

If pressed to defend her actions, Dabbler would simply say, “The people I killed were bad, and the people I had sex with were sexy.” A moral absolutist would probably not find those justifications acceptable, but personally I think moral absolutism is naïve. Sometimes Nazis, the Covenant, Rage Virus Zombies, rabid marauding goblins, and sex traffickers need killing. Most of the time, really.

Despite her mountainous body count, Dabbler considers herself a good person. Not a saint, certainly, but she firmly believes her actions make the universe a better place. One of the greatest problems in all of history, of course, is getting people to agree on what “better” constitutes. :/

So that book I wrote (Tamer: Enhancer) has been edited with even more fixes, and there’s now a .PDF version as well for those of you who had trouble with the e-reader versions for whatever reasons. Check it out here!

If you’re just joining us and this is news to you, it has nothing to do with Grrl Power. It’s actually Tamer fanfiction – in that it uses the same setup but never crosses paths with the characters from the source books. Anyway, it’s about 120K words long, and it’s free! It has dinosaurs, action, humor, xenoanthropology, and smexy times.


Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!