Poor Olivia. All that quality drinking, down the drain. That adrenaline shot sobered her right up. Now she has to start over.

Varia’s gestalt power is usually not a problem for those around her. But occasionally… she does emit a horrific smell, set nearby vinyl on fire, spontaneously drained or overloaded all nearby batteries, stuff like that. Luckily she’s never liquified everyone’s skin in a 50′ radius or blasted out a few megasieverts of gamma radiation.


There have been concerns that one of Varia’s eight billion potential gestalts will be to create a black hole or a portal to somewhere nasty, and a horrible buggaboo leaps through and starts wet willying people’s souls or something. If this was an X-Men style title, there would probably be people wanting to jail or kill her to prevent a possible darkest timeline.

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