“Sydney’s been… downed by a gun.”
“You mean she’s been shot?”

I’m sure some people will ding Seneca for not being a lot stricter about range safety. The truth is Seneca is probably a bit too far removed from the basics to be instructing recruits. She cares about them hitting the targets and not each other. She’s also concerned about someone like Varia being able to shoot a supervillain in case there’s no useful gestalts around, so she’s prioritizing accuracy.

It turns out that most supervillains make for bad silhouettes. A few of them work well, like Galactus, but a lot of the ones that seem obvious are obscured by capes. Dr. Doom in silhouette is just a cloak. Magneto has a cape and a dome helmet. The quasi-Spartan cutout for the face is distinctive, but his outline looks the same as a dozen other guys.

For those wondering, Sydney’s lineup there is Darkseid (another guy with a dome helmet), Lady Doc Oc from Into the Spiderverse, (that one should be obvious hopefully) and Thanos… yet another dome head, though his minor redesign for the movies gave him a bit of a teardrop swoop on the back. I mean honestly, the silhouette of Darkseid and Thanos is basically the same. Granted, about 70% of both DC and Marvel’s major players were either designed by Jack Kirby, or people who were hugely influenced him.

I was going to have Sydney’s flip over the shelf thing include a flailing foot that caught the divider support and the whole thing to collapse, thereby earning an 8.5 from Varia. But I ran out of space.

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