Hopefully I drew Sydney’s grip and stance right. There seems to be a few different ways to hold a revolver, depending on how the back end of it is shaped I think. Anyway, that’s not really the point of the page. Also it looks like Sydney’s right arm is locked, but it could be bent slightly at the elbow, just bent away from the camera so you can’t really tell. Pretend it’s whichever you think is best. Let’s assume that Seneca actually instructed Sydney on how to shoot the thing without maiming herself, because Sydney in a wrist brace would severely limit her utility in any super action.

No matter how well educated Sydney is about shooting a big bang, she’s still going to throw herself back like a crash test dummy, because she’s Sydney. If I wanted to shock you all, I would have had her fire the gun, then calmly hand it to Seneca and say “Hmm, yes, I see what you mean about the kick.” Actually, I would have done that if I wanted to hint to you guys that Sydney got replaced by a doppleganger at some point, because there’s basically zero chance she would act all cool and collected after firing a big honking gun like that.

Yes, I remembered to draw hearing protection on everyone this page. I was planning on saying they’re all wearing those foam earplugs, but, eh. I would forget to draw those too.

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