“Hey Max, I’m taking my 15 minute break so I can run some visual gags with Goose.”
“Oh, uh, maybe don’t do that… and she’s gone.”

Weirdly, when Goose is fully kitted out in tac gear, he looks like a character from dozens of different video games. Just one of those faces.

This is a weird page, admittedly, but I’ve been planning it since the first page Goose appeared on… Holy shit, I forgot about those armored suits. Hah hah, those should probably show up again sometime.  Anyway, Goose admittedly looks a bit… Nukem-esque, and people commented on it. So of course, I decided to do a page about it 8 years later. That’s how I roll.

Fun fact, “sigh” is the most Goose has said on a page to date. It does make me wonder how he orders food at restaurants though. Maybe he just taps on the menu and answers questions about “well done-ness” and side items with glares.

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