I had a much longer fight scene planned between Ren and Max, but this more or less gets the point across. The only thing missing is Max giving Ren the occasional jab to amp him up. Remember he has super adrenaline –  basically he starts at like 10x the boost of a normal human, and it ramps up from there. They haven’t discovered if he has an upper limit yet, which is partially the point of the exercise they’re doing now. That’s what all the fanfare in the back is, everyone is betting on whether or not he can actually connect with Max.

It’s got to be a weird job where you’re encouraged to try and punch your boss in the face.

On the previous page, a lot of people commented that Sydney ought to whack the Punchomatic 6000 with the lighthook, and here you go. Sydney probably knew she couldn’t really punch it through the wall, but she certainly didn’t expect to come in seventh.

People were trying to figure out where the rest of the team ranked. I had originally planned to put names in the triangles but they were way too small. Hiro and Stalwart are way up there, obviously. I wasn’t actually sure where to place Anvil though. She can hit pretty hard normally, but if she absorbed enough kinetic energy beforehand, she could maybe even outpunch Max.

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