Clearly, Maxima’s idea of evening gowns is influenced by the last time she wore a fancy dress, which was probably her high school prom. My original pencils for panel 5 included something on the back of her waist which was either going to be a giant bow or a big ruffly flower. I ditched it because, well, I didn’t want to spend time drawing all the ruffles, but also because Maxima may not be able to conjure the image of a sleek elegant evening gown off the top of her head, but she knows the difference between that and a quinceanera dress. Honestly I don’t know how manga artists deal with drawing all those ruffle trimmed French Maid outfits. It’s so tedious.

Do hispanic Jewish girls get a bat mitzvah and a quinceanera? That seems like a decent scam, or it would be if you got to chose your gender, race and religion when you’re filling out your player sheet. You know, the one you fill out before you’re born? I assume that’s how it works.

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