Yabbos is a good word. I don’t think I’ve heard or read it anywhere in at least a decade though.

While Dabbler would like to get Max laid, she understands that it’s not always about flashing the most skin. Succubi sometimes can’t always get what they want straight away, so they all know how to play The Game. Honestly, it isn’t Dabbler’s specialty, but she did go to Succubus Finishing School. She did the coursework. Every succubus in school is given a target to seduce. Each semester they got increasingly difficult targets, starting from some introvert nerd at the boy’s school across town who never leaves his room, (the first semester is a gimme grade) then on to more challenging prey like priestesses of the Goddess of Chastity, then some virtuous hero who is actually a genuinely good guy (the seduction part is easy – but they’re not allowed to fall in love with him), up to really challenging stuff like asexual golems, and even guys like Hiro the Dense. That’s the advanced class though.

Unsurprisingly, it’s usually not that difficult for a succubus academy to set up in a new city. Sure, some try to put on a front of wholesomeness an purity, but there are plenty of other cities that actually compete to host a succubus campus.

I recently discovered. Harley Quinn. Not… in general. Specifically the currently running cartoon. The plot of the first season has Harley breaking up with the Joker and trying to establish herself as a villain in her own right. The thing I like about it is it’s quite funny. Harley hangs out with Poison Ivy, not as part of her crew, they just hang out and talk girl stuff most of the time. Alan Tudyk voices the Joker, but more importantly, Clayface, who yes, while he can shapeshift, can’t resist the urge to be an ac-TOOOOOR! Ron Funches plays King Shark, who if you’ve never heard of him before, is basically a giant anthropomorphic shark. King Shark is. Not Ron Funches. But instead of being a big brute, he’s a web developer and hacker. Okay, he does bite at least one head off, but mostly it’s computer stuff. Christopher Meloni, from the amazing “Happy!” on Netflix, plays an incredibly stressed out Commissioner Gordon.

It’s surprisingly violent, full of swearing, and funny. Not quite Archer funny, but it’s up there. It’s totally my jam. Oh, and Kite Man? Yes, he is as dumb as he sounds, and he is a real DC character. They didn’t make him up for this show. Honestly the show kind of reminds me of when John Byrne got his hands on She Hulk, and started bringing back a bunch of Marvel’s stupid Golden Age characters for Shulkie to have to deal with.

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