Mo’ai, BTW, is the proper name for those big Easter Island heads. Thought I’d mention it here because I had to look it up.

It should be clear from this page, Max has no idea what she wants in a man. So she’s… kind of like everyone else.

Harem’s idea of being a girlfriend is largely modeled after what guys think they’d want in a girlfriend. She’s both feminine and/or a tomboy, can overhaul a transmission (while leaning over the hood in a pair of Daisy Dukes, naturally), talk about sports, birth a calf, cook up a killer meal, and is sexually adventurous to a fault.

And by “to a fault,” I mean it’s really fun dating her for a month or three, but can become exhausting before long. She tends to have one or two semi-long term boyfriends, but sometimes will rotate through 1-2 guys that fall more in the “pump and dump” or “torrid affair for a month” category.

I think I drew Anvil a tad tall in that last panel. I guess she put heels on?

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