Vale is by far weirdest character I’ve come up with, I think. Her powerset is a little confusing, and we’ve hardly seen her do anything. She seems to be some sort of ectoplasmic… thing, riding around in human shaped exoskeleton?

I’m not sure what’s got Vale’s dander up tonight. Her and Max have met before. I’m pretty sure. They must have. Oh, right, back when Sydney got her air recycler thing.  For a moment there I was thinking they’d never been on the same page together, but they still would have obviously met off panel long before then since Deus is supplying gear to Archon, and him and Max had taken several meetings together.

So a lot of good information about people with dual citizenship trying to claim some sort of ambassadorial diplomatic immunity posted in the comments of the previous comic. The consensus seemed to be… probably not possible, but maybe possible, especially if the person in question had a lot of connections and had lunch with the Secretary of State every so often – BUT – most likely it’s something Deus waves around when he comes across some sort of law enforcement that hasn’t done their homework. He’s kooky that way. And if nothing else looks like it’s going to work, he can always fall back on the lawyer zerg rush.

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