I’m not sure why I felt the urge to do two consecutive panels (coming from the previous page) of Vale and Max giving each other the close stare. I just like drawing large panels and closeups I guess. Actually this page could have used at least one longer shot to show that Vale is standing there with no legs, her ectopods holding her up from the mid-thigh up, and her leg-shells still standing on the other side of the fence.

The real question is, what is Vale going to assume about Max wearing uncomfortable (i.e. sexy) underwear to a meeting with Deus, and is she going to pass those suspicions on to him?

Okay, so, Max flying off is more about me wanting to wrap this scene than what really should happen, which is Max sticking around to make sure Vale doesn’t cause any more trouble. Obviously, threatening a federal agent in a big no no, and attacking them even more so. That said… if no one actually saw Vale slice that guys gun in half, Deus might point out that detaining him or Vale for gun slicing would be legally iffy. It is possible Max saw it happen, with her super speed eyeballs, but didn’t want to escalate things with Vale right in the middle of the city. It actually might be funny if she showed up to arrest Vale in a future scene though. :) Of course, she’d probably go quietly after making a point of picking out twenty lawyer to go with her.

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