I don’t know if DARPA actually has field agents. I suspect they don’t, because it’s not really that kind of an agency. Someone mentioned that the CDC doesn’t have agents either. Most of their field personnel are probably doctors or some sort of coordinating administrator that liaises with FEMA and orders people to set up triage stations in high school auditoriums. But I thought it’d be funny to have some DARPA engineer get deputized to go out and try and wrangle some alien tech out of Deus.

Chancellor is one of those political titles that means whatever the country granting the title wants it to mean. It tends to have more economic responsibilities than diplomatic or military, but if the actual king of a nation is busy living in a mansion being a party boy, who’s to say what the Chancellor can and can’t do? Oh, right. The Chancellor. At least that’s what the constitution of Galtyn currently says. And who wrote the current Galytn constitution? You see where this is going.

Now obviously these agents didn’t just strike out on their own initiative. Their orders came from somewhere above them, but Deus is one of those guys who takes lunch with senators and deputy directors of things. He plays the political game on a bunch of levels. Having diplomatic immunity is just the cherry on top.

For the record, I’m not actually sure how the whole dual citizenship/diplomatic immunity thing would work. It’s probably like regular diplomatic immunity, but with slightly weaker “wax-off” powers.

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