Based on some of the comments, I think some people would have liked to have seen at least one more poker page in order to determine if Sydney is actually good at poker or if she’s a disaster. I kind of like leaving it ambiguous, but I think it’s fair to say that her skill at the game is “capricious.”

People in cubicles don’t generally get sprayed with water 4 stories off the ground. But they sometimes have to use Excel, so it’s a wash. Excel, BTW, isn’t so bad by itself. The problem with Excel, is that you eventually have to use Excel files made by other people. Other people and their VLOOKUPs that used to work three versions ago, but something broke and now they do all that stuff by hand and I just killed myself thinking about it.

Note that Jabber and Sydney don’t have safety lines, because, well, Jabber’s a super, and a lot of things have to go wrong for her to get hurt on that climbing tower. Sydney obviously has the Fly Ball. It’s not like she couldn’t slip and crack her jaw on a grip below her and knock herself out, but there’s water at the bottom of the tower. Yes, she might wang herself on one of those pipes sticking out of the wall as well. She really probably should have a safety line.

This is the beginner side, BTW. All of those hand grips are pretty meaty. I’ve only tried rock wall climbing a few times, but some of the grips the have on the advanced walls don’t even look like grips. They’re like lumps on the wall you have use walnut crushing grip strength on, or a little lip you have to stick two fingertips under, then use near superhuman hook powers to hold yourself in place for a half a second while you grab another ledge the thickness of a magazine. And not a beefy magazine, either like Vogue back in its heyday. More like an issue of “Extremely Thin Magazine Aficionado.”

Jabber, BTW, is using Squirrel-Monkey Fu on this page. Her power is more about what she thinks a martial arts style should be rather than what it actually is or if it even exists. In a way, she’s a little like Maxima. In that Max has a power pool she can draw from, Jabber has a pool of powers she can grab and use so long as she can justify them under some sort of loose theme. She isn’t consciously aware of a list of powers she uses, it’s all instinctual.

Someone needs to sit her down and get her to play a Dragon Ball Z video game.

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