Sydney’s training is starting to pick up. I skip over a lot of it, especially the classroom stuff where she’s learning the law end of being a superhero. But with her recent improvements to her aim, they want to see what happens when they cut her lose with a loaded gun in a maze full of targets.

Don’t worry, Doc Chevy is on base today. There are a few standing bets as to whether her skills will be needed.

Originally, I had actually planned for Sydney to actually do the cake or death gag in on the course. By “originally,” I mean there’s a draft of this page in my notes that’s probably six years old. She winds up getting yelled at after getting icing in her gun, but I guess both Sydney and myself have matured very slightly since then.

But the fact that she showed up with a sack of cupcakes mean she was still planning on goofing around, but she’s starting to get the idea that these military guys are actually pretty serious about weapon handling. Character growth!

Cake or death, for those of you unfamiliar.

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