Sydney has reigned in her worst instincts, but it’s still going to be a long day for her and Peggy. At least Sydney didn’t attempt her dive roll with her gun in her hand. She’s smart enough… well, she’s smart enough to know that’s a dumb move without having to worry that Peggy would make her do about a thousand burpees for a stunt like that. For the record, Sydney would do about 19 of those before she threw up.

Admittedly, this is a little premature for Sydney to be running this course, but there are reasons Arc-SWAT is trying to get her up to speed so quickly. Not the least of which is that she’s repeatedly proven herself to be indispensable in the field.

I meant to put little paintball splats all over this course, but I forgot. No reason they can’t use the course for multiple things, as long as no one double books. I guess if it’s a live fire course they have to replace all the plywood in there every so often, so Sydney gets to break in the new build.

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