I hate to side with the interstellar car salesman looking guy, but… he’s not wrong.

So yeah. It is a small universe. Well, galaxy. Ray is an acquaintance of both Dabbler and Cora, and judging from their reactions, possibly an ex-boyfriend and/or business partner.

I liked Dabbler’s octopus dress, but her new threads are actually cosplay. I’m sure some of you will identify it right away, especially since at least one of you requested it. :)

I went back and forth between the name Ray Cosmos and Ray Cosmic. I have a sneaking suspicion Ray Cosmic might be the name of some radio serial from the 1920’s though.

Maxima’s directions there in the first panel aren’t the whole story of why Arc-SWAT is handling this INS-ish event. I had a bunch more written for her, but had to make some choices for space and wall of text considerations.

Someone pointed out that September August 23, one day before the previous page went up, was Grrl Power’s 10th anniversary! I completely forgot. :p So break out the top shelf whiskey and adult party favors and do something you’ll need to apologize for in the near future on a stage with a podium and a bunch of American flags, but we’ll all really know what you’re saying is “I’m sorry I got caught.”

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