I rarely ever have a characters voice in my head when I’m writing them. It’s why I’m always flummoxed when people ask “Who do you see voice acting the Grrl Power characters in the anime?”

But Ray Cosmos 100% sounds like Frank Nelson. Here’s another link of him in one of those old ass sitcoms where the audience applauds between every single line, but in this one he’s saying something other than “yeeeeees?” So just imagine Ray sounding like Frank when he’s rasping in that slightly lower register “I also saw your show.” Got it? Now reread the line “Indeed. Everyone has signed a waiver.” Can’t you just hear Nelson belting that one out? <Jon Stewart doing Art Kern impression>Mmmm, that’s good voice casting!</>

Irradon, if you recall, is the Twilight Council’s alien seat. He’s now upgraded to the official Earth Ambassador. Or… Galactic Ambassador to Earth. Now, of course Earth would have major problems coming to terms with any kind of interstellar trade body, because Earth has roughly 200 countries. A lot of them are economic or military allies, but then there are other countries that are economic allies but military… well, not foes, but, there’s a lot of tension. In any case it’s a mess. Realistically, I don’t know that aliens would really want to deal with the UN because they’re a deliberative body that is a nice idea but doesn’t have any real power unless everyone is on board with any given action, something which almost never happens. So, maybe they’d convene a meeting of the G8 countries, or just the European Union?

Honestly, they’d probably show up, tell Earth that there’s already 9,001 alien civilizations and managing currency and exchange rates between them is hard enough, and they’re not going to deal with 8 other currencies from the new guys.

I was also thinking about Irradon’s “Every goddamned planet” quip, and at first, I thought, “Well, probably not every planet, because monoculture races like the Klingons or Ferengi would be able to present a more unified government presence,” but then I realized that on that first day of meetings, you bet the different Klingon houses would be at each other’s throats, and all the Ferengi corporations would be trying to fiscally scuttle each other. There would be some worlds where there was truly one single government, (outside of hive worlds controlled by Unity or the Zerg Overmind or Skynet,) I still think the majority of worlds would have to deal with some major upheaval when suddenly finding themselves dealing with alien diplomats.

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