Times Square seems to be a somewhat fluid designation. I thought it was just one intersection with a bunch of light up billboards, but a lot of adjacent areas seem to count themselves as part of it, I guess for greater collective tourism appeal. The team landed a block from the spaceship while Maxima hands out assignments and lets Sydney have her little rant.

This is one of those pages that kept getting rewritten as I was drawing it. It started off as pure exposition, with Sydney asking what they were doing up there, then cutting Max off with her own assumptions before she could answer, but as lenient as Max is, there’s a finite amount that she’ll let subordinates run roughshod over her. Also, it wouldn’t make any sense that Max wouldn’t have told them by now, so Sydney is just venting. Yes, most commanders probably wouldn’t put up with that either, and while Max could be a hardass about it, she’s content to just let Sydney vent for like 50 seconds to get it out of her system.

Ultimately I changed it around a little bit because while sometimes exposition is unavoidable, it’s always bugged me when a character asks another one for some basic ass information that they both already know for the benefit of the audience. “Excuse me, fellow Navy SEAL, can you tell me again about this “gun” device and how it works?”

Hah, look, I remembered the patches on Sydney’s shoulders and her nametag and all that. Anyone want to bet how many pages I keep that up for?

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