In the Grrl-verse, Supers can’t be deployed by a countries military against a foreign nation. They didn’t have any rules about that when Maxima and others were serving in Afghanistan and people realized that could escalate REAL fast. So now there are accords.

But, here’s the thing. There’s nothing really preventing, for instance, the CIA, from hiring foreign supers to, oh, I don’t know, clairvoyantly listen in on certain important people during meetings, or telekinetically mess with someone’s brakes or whatnot. Yes, the accords explicitly call that a bit of a no no, buuuuuuut, no country really believes that any other country won’t be doing that, and if you cloak said activities in several layers of obscurity and you just have a weirdly large line item in your budget for “Black Coffee” then, while it’s technically illegal to be a super powered mercenary – there are totally super powered mercenaries.

They don’t usually wander into street brawls though. But as you can see from this page, there are multiple incentives for them to do so if they just happen to be wandering by and figure they’ll get a significant initiative bonus because everyone else is already distracted.

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