Fun fact: This page was fun to draw.

There are a number of reasons this guy might be trying to explosively de-dress Max. One hopes he’s not in league with paparazzi, though I’d wager a super slow-mo shot of that grenade going off in Max’s golden, invincible cleavage would garner heavy interest. If that’s the case though, I can’t imagine what that guy’s cut must be to trade punches with Maxima.

The word “denude” means to strip something. It seems to me that it should mean to dress something. That word and “inflammable” will cost us points when the aliens come to evaluate us for ascendency.

The Vote Incentive is updated, as is the nude version over at Patreon. This picture has a special guest appearance. Click to see who it is. On a totally unrelated note, did you know that Anvil and She-Hulk are both 6’7″? I didn’t know that when I decided on Anvil’s height. It just seemed like a good height that was super tall without being crazy over-tall. Also, Anvil’s family moved around a lot, but she primarily identifies as a Lousiander and can supply a Nawlins accent upon demand. Her shirt is the Louisiana flag, which is… weird. It’s clipart of a pelican on a blue or slightly indigo or teal-adjacent background. Opinions seem to differ.

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