Enjoy this comic while having a happy Thanksgiving if you’re in a country that does that on this day and also if you’re so inclined. If not, then simply enjoy this comic, and bank my well wishes for the regional holiday of your choosing.

So, on the one hand, this is the most action Maxima has given a guy in a long time, so I guess Brüt can brag about that. On the other hand, this would be such a bad time to get a fear boner. At least the lights are out.

I’m not sure if catastrophic damage to one piece of the ground in NYC would knock out like 6 blocks as shown, but who knows, maybe Wench ripped up some massive bank of transformers, and not just a few pipes. One might like to think that major centers of business would have some redundancies in their infrastructure, given human stupidity, laziness, lack of foresight and wildly overstretched budgets, I would easily believe a single incident with a poorly planned groundbreaking is just as likely to knock out all the traffic lights in a 60 block radius.

Hey, speaking of books that were a trilogy for a long time and a 4th book only recently came out, the Good Intentions series by Elliott Kay is one of those. I prefer books in series I like to come out in a relatively swift and predictable pace, but with the last two series I’ve mentioned, it gave me an excuse to get all the audiobooks for them before diving into the 4th, because I knew if I didn’t refresh myself first, I’d be reading the 4th book and be all “Wait, who’s that again?”

Oh, and ignore the reviews for the 4th book complaining about how there’s a bunch of SJW stuff in it. I think those people were mostly complaining about the main characters getting away with punching out a bunch of nazis demonstrating at their college. (Which in my estimation tells you more about the people leaving those reviews than anything about the book itself.) I’d call that a spoiler but it’s a tiny section of the book. Given that the main character remembers his past lives, one of which was killed by nazis, him wanting to punch them out makes sense for more than just the usual reasons. This book is just as good as any of the others in the series.

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