Sydney almost made a joke there about knowing where she could find a spare foot. But she didn’t.

Making Sydney watch Seneca run the course is a little like getting Math to teach her martial arts. But sometimes seeing what’s possible can help people break out of old habits. Also watching Sydney plod through the course a few times was making Seneca super antsy

Seneca is actually the record holder for this course. Sean, the ex-SEAL who wears the blue cap and who I haven’t drawn in about 400 pages is second fastest, (he was on the climbing wall a few pages ago, but that was from behind) followed by Goose, the Duke Nukem looking guy. Hiro is next fastest, followed by Ren, then Peggy, who unsurprisingly has far and away the best aim/grouping. But the fake leg does slow her down a bit.

Yes, obviously Maxima is the actual fastest, but she has super speed and that doesn’t count. She can detail strip her gun while one of the targets is popping up, and fire her break action Tyrannosaur .577 pistol faster than Seneca can pull the trigger on her glock.

For those of you wondering, Seneca claims to have “Reverse Diabetes” where she’s certain she’ll lose a foot if she doesn’t ingest at least 3,500 calories of refined sugar a day. She obviously doesn’t have that because it’s not a thing. She just exercises a lot.

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