I know, Sydney asking if Concretia can do marble lends credence to the suspicion that she is or is related to the Marble Maiden, referenced around… uh… hmm. I don’t actually recall. At some point early in the comic. I think.

Oh! There she is. #366. I thought she showed up waaaay before that. Anyway, Sydney was either actually sleuthing or just being chatty.

I always want to write “Mohs scale” as “Moh’s scale” because in my mind, presumably, a guy named “Moh” invented it. Cement Concrete is a six or seven, which surprised me, as I don’t usually think of it as being particularly strong. Well, sure, you can drive and walk and pogo-stick on it, but it’s also the primary component of rubble, so I tend to think of it as being a bit crumbly, especially around the edges.

Still, I wouldn’t want to be punched or elbow dropped by someone with a solid concrete body.

Now, one might think that Sydney is too young to reference the Herculoids or non-Netflix Voltron or Robotech or Sleestaks or Tom Baker Doctor era stuff, but you see, her father is quite the nerd and raised her right, introduced her to a huge library of shows. Anyone with kids under 15 (or I guess anyone reading the comic who isn’t old enough to vote) knows it’s tough to start off on Avatar (the movie), Lord of the Rings, and even stuff like Star Trek Discovery, then try and get them interested in 50 year old British sci-fi, so Sydney’s dad (also named Sydney, if you recall) introduced her to the sci-fi/fantasy catalog in mostly chronological order.

That said, I think Sydney is probably too young (and entirely the wrong gender) to have watched any of those “Young, sexy woman (YSW) who doesn’t realize she’s sexy and is probably a student or a cop, has stripper sister who gets killed so YSW has to go undercover at the strip club, as a stripper of course, in order to solve the case/avenge her sister.” movies, so admittedly it’s a bit of an odd reference for her. Still, the subgenre of femsploitation where a woman is forced to become a stripper is common enough that it would get referenced in other media like comics, sit-coms, MST3K/Rifftrax, etc., so it’s not like she couldn’t have stumbled across the idea before.

Evidently I should keep pimping the incentives, because people who swing by the comic on days other than the first post of the month don’t always catch them, and it would be irresponsible of me not to point out that there is a modest collection of nude pinups over at Patreon.



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