I apologize for the multiple puns in the stinger. Except I don’t, because I laughed out loud when I thought of it.

I try not to write Sydney as a stereotypical “A-Cup Angst” type. Sure, she has a lot of big boobs in her face nowadays, (truly a dire problem to have) but I think she deals with it okay. This scene, however, does seem to show her being more upset with Concretia complaining about lack of jiggle than she is about being trapped in the chair. I guess being mildly offended by humblebragging about their endowments is how she deals with stress. That and humor.

I almost worked a joke in about unconscious body security being an important consideration for all women of a certain age whether or not they’re capable of poltergeist projection, or whatever Concretia is doing here, but… the implications felt a little dark.

Evidently I should keep pimping the incentives, because people who swing by the comic on days other than the first post of the month don’t always catch them, and it would be irresponsible of me not to point out that there is a modest collection of nude pinups over at Patreon.



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