While I was drawing the “vibration propagation” sequence, I couldn’t get the Aquaman “Loobloobloobloobloob” noise out of my head. Hopefully I’ve gotten it stuck in your heads for at least a few minutes.

I haven’t decided if Concritia can straight up fly in her astral form… It’s not really astral though. Let’s see, she can project an energy form of her body into stone… Let’s call it her asphtral form. Like Asphalt and Astral? Really forcing that portmanteau there. Anyway, I think she can hover a few feet above rock, like one of those shitty dreams where you can fly, but only at waist height?

Concretia could probably feel the elevator moving, but maybe she didn’t have her toe in any stone when it started up. The vibrations from it moving could probably be pretty easily swallowed up by the background thrum of the average metropolis. There’s probably 20,ooo people and 2,000 cars moving around the streets within a few blocks of Times Square at 9pm any given evening. So basically vibration pollution would be on par with light and noise pollution.

In a world with actual superpowers, there’d probably be some ISO for naming conventions. Techtonapathy, vibralocation, tremor sense, tactile sonar could all mean the same thing, or wildly different things depending on how many near the same variations there are of the same powers. Though honestly, techtonopathy sounds more like you can feel the emotional state of the ground or something.

Evidently I should keep pimping the incentives, because people who swing by the comic on days other than the first post of the month don’t always catch them, and it would be irresponsible of me not to point out that there is a modest collection of nude pinups over at Patreon.



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