1. Sydney really is talking to someone.
  2. She’s thought about what she’d do in a situation like this and is being weirdly convincing about it.
  3. She’s cracking under the stress, despite putting on a collected front, and really thinks she’s talking to someone.
  4. She’s debuting the first scene of a play she’s working on.
  5. All of the above.

The full Skilltree is thus:

  1. Ambivilize an Adversary
  2. Baffle a Baddie
  3. Confuse a Criminal
  4. Distract a Delinquent (or a D-List Supervillain)
  5. Embroil an Evil-Doer
  6. Flummox a Foe
  7. Garble a Grifter
  8. Helter-skelter a Hooligan
  9. Imbroglize an Illicit
  10. Jumble a Jailbird
  11. Katzenjam a Knave
  12. Lead-astray a Lout
  13. Mystify a Malefactor
  14. Nonplus a Ne’er-do-well
  15. Obfuscate an Offender
  16. Perplex a Profligator
  17. Quagmire a Quincunx (I just wanted to use the word Quincunx)
  18. Rattle a Reprobate
  19. Stump a Scofflaw
  20. Tumult a Traitor
  21. Unsettle an Unscrupulous
  22. Vex a Villain
  23. Welter a Wicked
  24. Xenotransplant a Xenophobe (You come up with something better)
  25. Yarmulke a Yobbo (In my defense, this would confuse many people.)
  26. Zig-Zag a Zealot

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