I know everyone was expecting wackiness up in the ballroom, and we’ll get back to that, but I thought it was time to check in with some of the other team members for a bit. I know this page isn’t rip-roaring hilarious and crammed full of jokes, but sometimes you got to do a little setup – besides those pages with 10+ panels are killing me. I like drawing a bit bigger than those tight pages allow for.

The crossed balloon tails is a cardinal no-no for cartooning, but I was sort of writing this page as I drew it. Oh well, no Eisner for me.

So anyone planning on playing any Diablo III this week? I was originally going to take the week off of work when it came out, but I’m not sure this version is going to push all the same buttons that D2 did, seeing as I’m an egregious min/maxer. Still should be awesome, hopefully next week’s comic won’t be all stick figures. Can’t decide what class to play first though. Barb or Wiz. Maybe Demon Hunter. Or Monk. Or Witchdoctor. :P