Sydney’s reaction legitimately started off as a runaway interaction between the serum and her ADHD, but did morph into an intentional stalling tactic.

This dude in the mask is a dick for aiming a gun at Sydney, but he’s hardly the first person on this world to wonder what happens to the orbs if she dies. You can be sure there were people above Maxima who gave it some thought, especially once they realized what an unfocused goof she can be. The fear of leaving someone like her with that much power is only baaaarely balanced out with the fact that no one knows what would happen. The orbs might go inert, leaving America/the Earth without one of the most powerful supers around to defend it. Some people might be willing to take that risk, but then someone pitched the idea that the orbs might react very badly to her death, and considering they obey her mental commands, it’s not inconceivable that the orbs could even understand the intent behind such an act, thereby increasing the likelihood of a bad outcome. It’s one of those “probably not, but is it really worth the risk” scenarios that keeps the heads of the off the books intelligence agencies up at night.

Guys, look… no spoilers, but fair warning, there is a teeeeeensy bit of gore on the next page. A skosh. A… soupçon, if you will. Barely worth mentioning. >cough<

So APPARENTLY, the previous page reminded some of you guys of a scene from a book series called the Vorkosigan Saga. I had never actually heard of the books, but I guess it must have been required reading or something, because about four hundred sixty of you mentioned it. For the three of you who didn’t, the 17 book series starts with Shards of Honor (Vorkosigan Saga) (Miles Vorkosigan Book 1) by Lois McMasters Bujold.  (Whose name I always thought was Louis even though I knew she was a she.) And apparently the series has a plethora of piñatas awards. The first book is chronologically the second book, and the fourth book is chronologically the first, so I’ll leave you to figure out your own optimal reading order.

I saw that someone posted that Baen Publishing thought audiobooks wouldn’t be a big thing, but recorded a bunch of them as free promo material that would ship as a CD with certain hardback editions or something. So, hey, good on them for keeping them free even if their prediction about audiobooks didn’t pan out. So about 13 of the 17 books have free audiobooks. They won’t download through the desktop Audible app, but hey, listening to them through a tab in my browser won’t be too awful I guess. Glad my keyboard has those media keys.

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