The extended fight scene that took place while Brüt made his calls did involve some attempts at tickling. Is Henchwench super crazy ticklish? I’d like to think so.

This fight has been going on for a while. Brüt didn’t fare well against the Mestu Shoryu [Interrupted] because even though Max didn’t finish it, he still flew like thirty stories straight up. Given his general resistance to kinetic attacks, that wouldn’t normally be a problem for him, but he didn’t land well. Maybe Mr. Amorphous slapped his feet out from under him just as he was coming down?

I’ve mentioned it before, but Maxima doesn’t generally like gender specific slurs. Well, slurs that are gender specific to women. That said, sometimes you just have to call a bitch a bitch. Someone who bites your ear during a fight? Yeah, I’m looking at you, Tyson. I’m not saying I wouldn’t resort to some bitch-ass tactics if Evander Holyfield was systematically converting my skull into pudding, but that’s one of only many, many reasons my day job doesn’t involve getting punched in the head. If you’re a supervillain or superhero, being punched in the head is kind of an unspoken job requirement.

Henchwench’s power explicitly only work with Supervillains. If they worked with superheroes, she’d probably be called Sidekick Wench. I can’t help but wonder, though, what would happen if she could copy Varia’s powers, then touched her? Probably either nothing… or EVERYTHING.

Oh, and Evil, Inc. is a long-running, self described superhero romantic comedy. I probably should add it to the webcomic widget list, come to think of it.

The vote incentive is updated. If you’ll allow me a human moment, I kind of… eh, freaked out is a little too strong, but I had some… indecision when starting to work on the incentive/pinup for this month. You know, because the Patreon support has more than doubled, which I hugely appreciate, BTW. So I figured this one had better be really good, cause, you know, retention and all. So now I have three aborted attempts to draw Sydney, Pixel and Krona (yes, hard pandering, guilty) either longing in bed together or trying on clothes, but none of it really worked because I reeeealy wanted to turn those pinups into sequential comic scenes, and I don’t have the bandwidth to do multi-character multi-panel pinup quality. I will revisit the idea, don’t worry. Then I started another one with Harem making out with herself in the shower. I like Harem showering a lot, what can I say? Or maybe just sexy women being wet. Probably that one, as now looking back I see that the majority of the sexy pinups involve wet superheroines.

Anyway. Instead I decided to draw the majority of the Semper Vigilantis. In the shower – but it’s a beach shower, so it’s different see? Unfortunately I ran out of room/time to add Scarlett, and also didn’t plan well to include Izanagi (apparently the only male S.V.) walking in on the scene. So you guys get a bonus reverse angle comic to go with the pinups.

For those that don’t recall, the other guy in the pinup comic is Thomas Hodson-Cottingham, a Patreon cameo, whose power is to refill liquids. He’s become sort of an unofficial, honorary Semper Vigilantis, since he hangs out with Crimson and Scarlett all the time. Beyond cartoony asides, I won’t be doing any nude pinups of Patreon cameos – Well, if it’s a character of theirs AND they give me permission, then maybe. But not the cameos where they’re “themselves as a super.” Because that would be creepy. (Especially if I could really nail the likenesses, which, I think we can all admit is not my strong suit.) I do like to think that Hex, Breakpoint, Glowbug and Henchwench all hang out at the same supervillain bar though, so they probably know each other.

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