I think Henchwench is trying to vie with Lorlara for second place in the crazy face competition. Sydney is obviously unassailable at number 1.

I assume her contract has a section about how you can’t sue her for tricking you into signing a document that explicitly sets you up for a premeditated double-cross.

This page (and the next few) was directly inspired by your comments from when Henchwench first showed up. I like super powers that have a lot of uh, not rules, but like, when you hear about the power, you think, “that’s cool” but then a day later you have those refrigerator logic moments and you come up with like a million weird power stunts for it. Everything about Henchwench is like that. Like what if she was hired by Absorbing Man or Parasite AND Evil Energy Guy (I couldn’t think of an evil Human Torch off the top of my head) Could she just feed herself unlimited power? Or what if the contract she signed said she only got the powers of the supervillain on call? Like it rotated out depending on what day of the week it was. Not sure why you’d do that, but it would certainly make it really hard to jail her if you managed to catch her without getting her fired first.

Seeing as how Henchwench’s powers are contract based, I’m going to say that she’s like, 1/8th devil. Not demon. Devils are the ones into contracts. Dabbler would be the first tell you… actually, the scene would go like this:

Sydney: It’s a demon! But, uh, not like… I didn’t mean that in a judgemental way. I’m not a racist!
Dabbler: Actually he’s a devil.
Sydney: Oh? Is there a big difference?
Dabbler: Oh gods, yeah. Huge difference. Totally… eh, not really.
Sydney: Oh. Uh, well, I’m still sorry if I implied you all look alike.
Dabber: Sydney, I’m a demon, not a snowflake. I’m not going to report you to HR.
Sydney: Right, sorry. You cloven-hooved ass-goblin.
Dabbler: If you’re trying to upset me, you’ll have to do a lot better than that. I do have cloven hooves, and I love ass gobblin’.
Sydney: Gross. Fine, that zebra haired barber guy said you give really average blowjobs.
Devil: Should I come back?
Aaaand scene.

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