For some reason I think things from space named “Space XYZ” or “Astro ABC” is really funny. Astro bucks, Space Hookers, Galactic Lunch. It’s so dumb and generic and pointless. It’s like reminding everyone that a bunch of races have achieved space travel. Yeah, we know. We’re in space right now.

Concretia’s having a real facepalm moment here, but Henchwench still has a leg up on her. We don’t know if Concretia can animate rock while in her human form or if she has to project herself into her phantom form. What did I decide to call it? Concrastral form? I’m don’t feel like looking it up. Anyway, that’s not the trick Henchwench has mastered here. She can keep Meatwench conscious while Concrastrally projecting. If that’s something Concretia can do, she’ll probably have to return to her body first and test it in steps. Apparently she can’t just wake herself up and let the Concrastral projection dissipate – she has to return to… uh, meat Concretia and merge back into her body. Conmeatia? Meatcretia?

Ug. Meatcrete sounds like something demons would come up with. And not the sexually mischievous ones like Dabbler. Like, Doom demons. The ones that decorate their walls with stretched faces. Which… I guess means that when they’re not murdering their way across some new planet, they’re very into arts and crafts. Those faces have to get on the walls somehow, right? I guess their planet murder rampages are like a trip to Hobby Lobby for them, and they have to sign up for specific invasions to get the right color palettes. Like if they want an accent of blue for the den, they have to murder rampage some Maliri or Na’vi or, uh… Kree? There’s not a lot of blue alien races for some reason. Twi’lek. Knew I was forgetting an obvious one. Yes, some Night Elves are blue. Obviously there’s Smurfs, but you’d probably only want them to do like a nice checkerboard accent for the bathroom. Like a strip around the shower.

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