I didn’t really have any idea how this fight was going to end when I introduced HenchWench, but a lot of you were like “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if…” and I agreed. So yeah, I’m super telegraphing the next page, and I apologize in advance if Arianna doesn’t use super proper lawyer speak, but hopefully you guys will be amused anyway.

Concretia never learned to fight. She’s too slow in her stone form for anything but basic ass punching and grappling (depending on the Mohs scale – if she formed a body out of talc or something, she’d be, well, not fast. Like, human speed. But then you could fuck her up with a steel toed boot or a bucket of water. Her concrete form is best described as “lumbering” and anything harder she becomes noticeably slower) And as has been established in the comic, supers are rare enough that they don’t usually grow up in clusters, so she never really needed to learn how to fight. Especially considering that if you smash her golem, she can just form a new one, and regular solid objects can’t affect her concrastral projection. When the evil strip-miners or company-that-wanted-to-shut-down-the-ski-resort or whatever threatened her town, she had no trouble running them out of town.

HenchWench, on the other hand, probably has known other supers for some time. After reading some discussion in the comments, I decided she’s not a contract lawyer, but a paralegal, as they don’t have the same ethical requirements as an actual lawyer. I know it’s weird thinking of lawyers as having ethics, but the point is, you can’t disbar a paralegal for literally being evil.

That weird goosenecked yacht is where the bad guys were keeping Concretia’s body. I hope that’s clear. Apparently that yacht is some crazy concept design, and the gooseneck could lower to the water, and the goose head is actually a detachable speedboat. I was looking for yacht references to draw from, and I saw that and said, “Yeah, that’s definitely the boat these turds would sail around in.”

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