I like how it’s the act of merely stamping a printout of the LLC filing that takes away HenchWench’s powers. Although, using devil/fae rules, Arianna probably had to sign the line under the stamp before it affected her. Normally, someone would have to actually submit the suspended form with whatever office deals with that stuff for it to work, but as mentioned, Arianna has special lawyer powers.

If the stuff Arianna is saying is legal nonsense, I may go back in and edit some stuff based on comments. I googled around a bit and it seems like LLC’s are filed with a state’s Secretary of State office. Actually it seems like they deal with a lot of business stuff, but I’m still kind of guessing.

In audiobook news, Aether’s Revival book 2 is available in the spoken word format. It’s recorded by Andrea Parsneau, and while I usually prefer dual narrators to avoid bad falsetto/truesetto, Andrea is the woman of 350 voices. Maybe 375. I know “1,000” makes for better marketing, but it’s always hyperbolic. Even Mel Blanc was realistically topping out at like, 400.

I’ve never read cultivation novels before this series. Actually, I’m not sure I knew what cultivation was. For those of you who don’t, it was largely pioneered in eastern literature, and is kind of like LitRPG, except instead of leveling up from experience points or whatever, the heroes of cultivation novels do a lot of homework, meditate a lot and pop a plethora of pills. Like, mana pills, I guess. They fight stuff too, but it’s not like a 350 page dungeon crawl either.

It sounds tedious riveting, I know, but Schinhofen’s books have always been a bit more methodically paced/slice of life-y, which, I assume if you’re reading this comic, has at least some appeal to you. Schinhofen also did the Binding Words series, which is one of my favorites and I’ve recommended it here before.

The vote incentive is updated. Enjoy the Semper Vigilantis taking a shower on the beach.

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