I guess HenchWench vividly described her plans to Maxima during the side-flash to Super-super max, otherwise how did Max know she was assuming it would be co-ed?

Okay, so here’s a question. If Henchwench’s powers only work with supervillains, her ability to gain powers from someone makes her a reliable supervillain detector, right? That wouldn’t give you prosecutable evidence, but it’d be like warrantless wiretapping. Once you know you’ve got the right guy, you start working backwards until you have something admissible, or at least know to increase surveillance on them.

This all assumes you’d trust Henchwench not to suddenly abuse “Mind Controlling Teleport Guy’s” powerset the instant she receives it. Which I wouldn’t. It also hinges heavily on exactly how her powers determine what constitutes a “Supervillain” and if that matches a legal definition.

By “every science fiction movie ever” Maxima is referring specifically to Deadpool 2 and The Chronicles of Riddick, both of which have mixed gender common areas in their prisons. I’m sure there are other examples, but those two stick in my mind. I don’t know why they do that in movies. I assume it’s for casting diversity maybe? Or in Riddick’s case, it was so they could reunite him with a character he’d previously met, played by a different actress and who looked and acted totally different, and all that so Riddick wouldn’t have to worry about opening 1 extra gate that separated the boy’s side of the prison from the girl’s side during the escape scene.

Not to be indelicate, but wouldn’t mixed gender prisons be like locking Chris Nolan’s Joker up in a vault full of money, handing him a lighter and hoping he doesn’t do something inappropriate? Like the prison guards don’t already have enough to do. Oh by the way, we’ve locked a bunch of axe murderers up in an AXE WAREHOUSE which is also hosting the National Sorority Slumber Party Championships. So, you know, be on alert.

Well, heck, now I’m stuck imagining what the NSSPC would be like. I assume it would be televised. (Secretly televised, so it matches the uncomfortable creep factor of old R-rated college movies like Porky’s and Revenge of the Nerds.) It’d be all the stuff from slasher and party movies condensed into formalized competitions, like Truth or Dare that immediately escalates to kissing, pillow fights, tickle fights, super-soakers full of baby oil fights, making the peeping virgin mess his pants with industrial strength shower fraternization, etc. Not sure how you’d judge most of that. It’d probably be mostly capricious, like bodybuilding competitions, instead of a rigorous point system.

FYI, I’m in the north Dallas area, and it’s been between about 6 degrees and 19 (F) since Sunday, and we’ve gotten something like 8” of snow that’s actually stuck to the ground instead of instantly melting. While that sounds pretty mild to some of you, Texas simply isn’t equipped for that, especially one or more of the power providers, who have known for over a decade that sub-freezing temperatures would severely fuck them up. So since Sunday evening, a good deal of North Texas has been dealing with managed blackouts. 30 to 60 minutes without power, 30-90 with. It’s better than having no power at all, but it’s a heck of a time to discover that the battery in my UPS is dead. So I’ve been working on the next two pages on my iPad, which is not ideal, but it technically works. At least for penciling. Not sure the iPad can handle all the layers I use when I get to coloring. Hopefully power will be back soon, as will my replacement UPS. If not, then brace yourself for some flat colored art a few pages from now.

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