Cora and Dabbler obviously have some shared history and sense of humor. Dabbler tries to not fly her “I’m an alien sex demon intergalactic woman of mystery and mayhem” TOO high while she’s on Earth, but sometimes it slips out. And if you’re thinking “Really? Cause she does lots of sex stuff.” Remember that she doesn’t orgy the team comatose every night, so yeah, she’s keeping herself pretty reigned in. That’s only possible because she gets herself some Super-grade tantric good good every so often.

You know how in cop shows, when a cop is involved in a fatal shooting, they make them go see the police psychologist just to make sure they’re doing okay and/or not reveling in the kill? That conversation was difficult with Dabbler because she didn’t have any sense of weight for the event. Not in a psychopathic way, which is definitely a flag in itself, just in a “I’m used to a more wild wild west system of justice where I’m a freelance bounty hunter and it’s accepted that killing inveterate recidivist felons objectively makes the universe a better place.” and eventually they were like “Look, just don’t kill anyone unless there’s no alternative or you can’t work with us.” and Dabbler’s like “Ug. Whatever, it’s your planet.”

If you think that attitude should disqualify her from law enforcement, well, that’s certainly arguable, but keep in mind that someone high up probably had the thought that if she hangs out on Earth for a while, maybe she’d share the thing that’s better than integrated circuits, or she’d leave her Astro-Phone laying on her dresser while she’s out on a mission, so who cares if a few criminals experience some space justice?

Cora… has not been through any of that screening stuff. She was just asked to try and not kill anyone.

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