My first draft of this page had a nonomatopoeia in panel 5 that said “TELLING PAUSE?” but I decided you guys are smart enough to figure that out without the hand holding. Love me some nonomatopoeias though. It was a tough call. I wound up using it for the page title instead, cause I got to call it something and I sat here for half an hour trying to think of something else. I might have gone with something ziplocky, but I used that in the stinger.

I would make a joke about “Telling Pause” being the nickname for the mute polar bear yenta down the street, but homophone based puns don’t work as well in text form.

Really, the question Max should be asking is “Why did you have hilariously fatal rounds chambered in the first place?” but mmmaybe Max isn’t asking questions she doesn’t really want answers to. Cora has been very helpful in the past – which doesn’t give her a get out of jail free card necessarily, but it’s not like Max hasn’t killed anyone in the line of duty. At this moment, she’s probably wanting to ensure that Cora is feeling sufficiently admonished that she’s more careful in her choice of ordnance in the future… if she’s allowed to go gunning down Earthings again, that is. Unfortunately Cora doesn’t appear particularly admonished.

So there’s this game called League of Maidens that’s out in Alpha on steam. The primary hook is that you can make a superheroine and fight a bunch of single player MMO-ish type adventures throughout a number of biomes, but really, the whole point of the game seems to be the character creator, which has sliders for everything, like nipple hardness, nipple length, and breast rotation. I’m not sure who thought “My character’s breasts need to be more clockwise” but it’s in there. There’s enough freedom to make some hilarious and/or nightmarish looking ladies. It’s free to download and play, so I already made a Maxima-ish looking character without buying any skin packs, as you can mess with “skin wetness” sliders and overall shininess and make their skin look gold-adjacent. I’m told that under all the T&A, there’s the seed of a competent game, but unfortunately their financial strategy is to take every single annoying thing about free mobile games and combine them into one product. I’m totally fine with cosmetic supported games, I’ve put a few bucks into Overwatch and Path of the Exile, but League of Maidens has at least 3 different currencies, plus I think it has some kind of daily endurance meter which counts down, and you have to buy more endurance to keep playing (in their defense, I’d guess you’d probably be able to get about 4 hours of a daily charge), a cosmetic shop (which is fine, IMO) a UI cluttered with shopping opportunities, and the ability to subscribe to LoM Plus, which gives you a 20% discount in the shops. It’s a lot. I’m not sure I have the endurance to finish the sprawling tutorial, but all that said, if anyone decides they’re into it and wants to post their Grrl Power-ish creations or harrowing nipple monsters, do feel free.

The new vote incentive is up! I know a lot of you are here for some Sydney goodness, and the next picture I’d been working on was an A-cup three way with Pixel and Krona. Unfortunately, the whole “Everything is bigger in Texas, including our power-grid failures.” kerfuffle left me with intermittent power for about four days, so I was a little behind this month. I partially made up for that by doing a single person pinup, and Maxima won (or lost) the draw this time. There are several clothing/non-clothing variants over at Patreon, including a special version with guest art direction from JJ Abrams. (Yes, there’s a ton of lens flares, hah hah. I amuse myself.) The a-cups will return next month, so please enjoy this offering in the meantime.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!