Cora is really skirting the edge here, and I’m not really sure why other than it makes me laugh. She does probably have a point about warrantless “wire” taps, especially since she’s using crazy alien tech to tap the A/V feed from someone’s living nervous system. Anything she records would certainly be inadmissible, and there are probably some, you know, privacy concerns.

Her opening word bubble basically boils down to, “Maybe I did a bad, but I definitely did a bunch of goods.” I’m not sure there’s a justice system on Earth that actually balances good deeds out with bad ones. Yeah, there’s character witnesses and judges generally have a lot of leeway in sentencing, but it’s not written down, like a law that says if you’re a doctor and you create a vaccine that saves a million lives, you don’t get 999,999 get-out-of-jail-for-murder cards. Maybe Cora’s thinking of some alien worlds where that is the case, and come to think of it, I’m really surprised I’ve never seen a Star Trek or Doctor Who or something where they visit that planet.

Now that I think about it though, if you lived on that planet and you ran someone over with your car by accident (or murdered your neighbor on purpose, I suppose it doesn’t matter) and you didn’t have a “good” credit, would you go straight to jail, or would you have a year in which you have to save someone’s life, or otherwise accrue enough good credits to balance out the bad? I think a society would quickly figure out that one life for one life simply wouldn’t work. Doctors and firefighters and EMTs could be untouchable serial killers, and I think there’d be a real potential for massive population decline. Plus, there’d probably be services like fake suicide attempts people could “thwart” for good credits so they can go kill their neighbor’s noisy dog or whatever.

Yeah, that system wouldn’t work at all. Still surprised I haven’t seen it on Star Trek.

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