Since I am not talented enough to draw something so beautiful that you all throw up, I’m going to say Umbrivions use some sort of psychic attack to distract prey and their prey’s friends with double rainbow levels of visual cortex rapture. Some sort of beholder style psi-aura that only works with eye contact, like a weird gorgon.

Oh man, imagine a spell that temporarily turns the visual cortex into a pleasure center for the brain. That would be a weird spell certainly, but I think it’d be a lot worse than a sphere of darkness. Instead of no input, everything you look at makes your eyes flutter and your knees buckle. A sword comes flashing at your face and catches a glint of sunlight, and you’re like “Aw fuck, so good, just like that baby!” If that spell swapped the function of your visual cortex and pleasure center, you’d be blind and jizzing yourself every time you looked at a bright light… then if someone flicked your nipple, you’d see a burst of… leaves? I don’t know what a nipple flick would translate to visually. Dancing pastries?

What I’m saying is that in a world with magic, there would be some fucking messed up recreational spells.

This page partially exists because I felt a little bad that Henchwench had a pretty amazing run, where Robert Nava’s cameo only got a single page. But there’s other story stuff I wanted to do to wrap up this Times Square sequence, (which is almost done, hang in there) so it’s not just a pity cameo or anything. :)

Star Justice 12 is indeed out! The audiobook version will be out when the narrators can get to it, probably a month or two.

Oh, wait, that’s not the cover. That’s the fan-art one I did that MSE showed his artist and said, “Do this, but better.” (You can click on the thumbnail to see my art, and the link to the e-book to see the final.) To be fair, he definitely succeeded. I actually think mine is pretty good, but it lacks the final one or two passes needed to make it “professional” looking. The proportions need that Liquify filter tweak, the lighting could use another pass, as could Juliette’s hair. Also the background is atrocious. It looks like an obligatory placeholder, which it basically was.


The new vote incentive is up! Maxima won (or lost) the draw this time. There are several clothing/non-clothing variants over at Patreon, including a special version with guest art direction from JJ Abrams. (Yes, there’s a ton of lens flares, hah hah. I amuse myself.) The a-cups will return next month, so please enjoy this offering in the meantime.



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