Whoops! Forgot what day of the week it was. :/

In my excuse, 1) that’s only the second or maybe third time I’ve ever done that. Not the worst track record over the ten plus year run so far. If you guys knew me in person, you’d probably think I’d do that once or twice a month. 2) There was a crazy rainstorm that came through north Dallas last night with tornado sirens blaring and weather warnings on our phones telling us to seek shelter immediately, imminent danger, etc, so I took the extreme measure of shutting my computer down even though it’s hooked to a UPS. Once that happened, my whole evening was thrown into disarray. We didn’t even lose power or anything. Oh well, better safe than sorry. On to the comic.

So, is this murder? No. I mean, on Earth, a case could be made, but our legal system isn’t geared to handle corporally independent consciousnesses. In fact, throughout the galaxy, it’s known that those flame head demon-adjacent things (I should really name her race) have kind of disposable bodies. But since they’re on Earth, there’s a chance that Umbrivion Nava here can get away with this and not even be on the hook to buy her a new body. So I guess this was a pretty good vacation for him, anyway.

The new vote incentive is up! Maxima won (or lost) the draw this time. There are several clothing/non-clothing variants over at Patreon, including a special version with guest art direction from JJ Abrams. (Yes, there’s a ton of lens flares, hah hah. I amuse myself.) The a-cups will return next month, so please enjoy this offering in the meantime.



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