So it looks like word of Maxima’s stunt with the Fel has spread. I guess I could leave you guys speculating as to why aliens want to kidnap and auction her off, but… I mean, come on. It’s that or some Ferengi wants to press his Latinum into her Gold. Ew.

Eeyuh. I just gave myself the willies.

You do have to admit, it’s pretty ballsy trying to capture someone who one-armed a battlecruiser. But “Fire Third Eye Demon Thing” whose race I have yet to name (see previous appearance of a different girl) is right. Someone out there would probably pay a lot to control/study/recruit Max.

I know I’ve already gone on at length about the economics of post scarcity societies where only energy, information and entertainment would be of much value, so when “FTEDT” says “billions” that’s just a convenient translation to benefit you guys. She’s really talking about lots of energon chips, dessert schematics for food replicators, and digital files for Game of Thrones, Dexter, True Blood and Heroes, all minus their finals seasons of course.

Ray sometimes has some semi-laudable aspects. If he didn’t, he’d never have anyone to regret making certain mistakes with him. He’s normally sleazy, usually an idiot, but sometimes he’s a hot idiot. Thus; mistakes. That usually only happens when he can keep his mouth shut for more than two minutes at a time, so it doesn’t happen often.

Take this scene for example. If Dabbler and Cora didn’t hear him mutter the “without cutting me in” line, his intervention with the mercs might seem… a little macho. Like, in a good way. But also aggravating, since he’s butting in on them doing their job. Well, on Dabbler doing her job, but Cora’s never said no to adding downrange ordnance to whatever Dabbler is shooting at. If they did hear him… we don’t know about Cora’s hearing, but we do know Dabbler has, well, huge ears. So, if they did hear him, then the “I’m disgusted with you and will you put on a shirt you heaving pile of man-beast fine but I’m only showering with you to conserve water so keep your hands mostly to yourself.” possibility opens up. As I said. Mistakes.

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