Jeeze, I hope no one walks out the door to the pool right then. Maybe jump a little to the side there, Anvil.

So I was like, Dabbler is kind of a pain in the butt to draw, what with all the stripes and extra limbs, so why don’t I have her wear her blonde and pink haired glamor from around pages 100-215? And then I thought, why not put her in a scale mail bikini? That’d be easy to draw. Eh. Shading each individual scale was a little tedious. If I ever draw purple stripey armey Dabbler in a scale mail bikini it may wind up being a one-panel comic.

For a moment, I thought that was the last time I’d drawn that variant, but she also used it for a public appearance right before they met with The Twilight Council. Still, it’s been about 500 pages so I thought I’d break it out again.

As to why I decided to make her so tan she’s almost darker than Anvil? I guess she’s experimenting with her luminosity slider. Seriously though, you know how any time you play a game with character customization, it takes you like an hour to mess with all the sliders before you get the chin and the nose width and all the bits and bobs just right? (Only then to don a helmet and never see your character’s face again?) By “you” I mean me, but also probably a lot of you guys as well. Well, if you could illusorily disguise yourself, I think quickly popping into a disguise would be a non starter. Heck, by the time I finalized all the tweaks, the spell would have long since expired.

So, okay, about the “revenge based justice system.” Yeesh, I hope the comments don’t turn into a shitstorm, but, ug. Just try and keep it civil, please? And before you spend an hour typing up your slam-dunk magnum opus inflammatory comment, just remember that no one has ever won an argument on the internet or convinced anyone of anything. It’s just not how human brains work.

I think most people would agree that America is way more into punishing criminals than they are into reforming criminal behavior or even addressing underlying motivators. For instance, states fighting against clean needle programs aimed at curtailing the spread of HIV because giving people clean needles will somehow make them do more drugs? Also, laws making drugs illegal in the first place, when every country that’s ever relaxed laws regarding recreational drug use sees massive drops in rates of addiction and overdose? Whatever your stance is on those particular issues, it’s hard to argue about America’s approach to law enforcement when we have more people in jail than any other country, both by absolute numbers and per capita.

ANYWAY, Detla is just repeating what Cora told her, which is especially rich considering Cora’s lethal ordnance approach to law enforcement. Dabbler obviously agrees though. Both of them are very okay with… eh, proactive self-defense, but they also think that once someone is in custody, throwing them in a wildly overcrowded for-profit prison is less than optimal.

Book news! Star Justice 13 is out! I haven’t even finished it yet, and it’s really good! I mean, it’s hard to beat book 6 or 7, or 10, or 3. But it’s still pretty good.







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