Callbacks, yo.

Please ignore that the layout of headquarters has dramatically changed since that picture. Sydney didn’t return to an alternate version of Earth from her space adventure, or anything. I’m just… bad at remembering to look at old pages for stuff like that. “Well, I drew that building nine years ago, so I definitely remember how it looks probably.” Just like every time I draw Dabbler’s blonde and pink haired glamor disguise, it changes a little. That actually makes sense though, even if it’s not necessarily intentional on my part. We actually see her tweaking it on one page. (She’s redrawing the face stripes there in the first panel.)

Lapha didn’t do quite as poor of a job of prepping her team as it may seem. It’s just that Detla was a late add on to the group and all they told her was “expect challenging fights.” Her regulars had a little more prep, in that they’d reviewed a bunch of Terran media concerning the team, so they had some idea what they’d be up against. What really fucked them was the other supers showing up. Well, initially their appearance saved Lapha from getting wrecked by Maxima after she overpowered the stasis field, but then it all went downhill from there.

Detla maybe shouldn’t be so surprised that Achilles didn’t get cut there, as she tried to whack him with her sword, but it was at an awkward angle and she was getting choked out at the time. I’ve decided that Stygans are distant cousins of devils and/or demons… kind of like Tieflings. Like a Balor and a Space Drow got it on and that kid banged a bunch of more traditional player character races and diluted out most of the demon, but they still can call on some weak infernal powers now and again. The point of telling you all this is that Stygans are familiar with demonic soul weapons, like Dabblers Soul Reaver there, and know they’re at least equivalent to the schism blade she hit Achilles with – using a full powered swing.

I did mess up that last panel a bit though. Dabbler’s sword is has at least a four foot blade with a two foot handle (as it is a 4 handed sword.) It looks about 2/3 the size it ought to be there.

Star Justice 13 is still out! I’ve finished it, and it’s really good! I mean, it’s hard to beat book 6 or 7, or 10, or 3. But it’s still pretty good.








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